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Our Children’s Ministry is not about information, but transformation.


We strive to teach God’s truth in ways that impact a child’s choices and relationship with Jesus. All of our Children's ministry classes are available during service on Sunday and are open for drop off 15 minutes before service begins.

NURSERY (Newborn - 2 years)
Dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of infants. Our goal is to have our babies know that Jesus loves them, He made them special and we love God’s Word, the Bible. We also encourage the babies to praise and worship God.

PRESCHOOL (3 - 5 years)
Provide each child a loving, caring and fun atmosphere where they can enjoy age-appropriate learning about God’s love and His plan for their life.

ELEMENTARY (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)
Provide an exciting and active environment filled with songs, games and lovable characters that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level.

Classrooms for all Radiant Kids are located just past the Kids Check-In Station in the Kids Zone. 

When you come to the Radiant Kids Check-In Station, you will be able to check your child in using our computer system that makes check in easy and hassle-free. Your child will receive a name tag with an individual ID number, and you will receive an identification tag that matches your child.For the security of each child, you must show your child’s identification tag to the teacher when picking him or her up from class. Children are released to the person who shows this tag.



Kids Coordinator ///  Leah King
When   ///   Sundays at 9:00 & 11:00am


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